One of the widest range of Merida bicycle and Merida fixtures in Budapest! 

Full Merida selection is available here

Wide range of Merida bicycles and accessories are available in our bicycle shop in Budapest. Quality and perfection are important to us, that's why only the best bicycles have place in our shop. This season's favourites, Crossway and Matts types are available in a great number of wares. The popular Big-Nine models also have a place. In our bicycle selection, you can find male and female Merida bikes. We also have Merida bicycles for children, so the little ones can choose between the best Merida bikes! 

Merida bikes are always made of the best parts and fixtures, so their quality is guaranteed! (If you have any question about exact specifications, please contact us, we are ready to help!) 

The following types of Merida bicycles are available in our shop:

Országúti Merida kerékpárok

Roadside Merida bicycles


26" MTB Merida bicycles


27,5" MTB Merida bicycles


29" MTB Merida bicycles

Cross, túra Merida kerékpárok

Cross, tour Merida bicycles

City, városi Merida kerékpárok

City, urban Merida bicycles

Fully Merida kerékpárok

Fully Merida bicycles

Merida gyermek kerékpárok

Merida children bicycles

Merida kerékpár

Wide range of Merida bicycles, Merida accessories are available in Kerékvár, for a reasonable price