The 4th Kerékvár since 2011

Building of the 4th Kerékvár is similar to the 3rd, but it is different in the comfort of shopping and presentation of the products. There was a vacancy in Hattyú Street 10/c, in the neighbourhood of the 3rd Kerékvár. It was meant to be a bicycle shop. Roomy, bright, great layout. Sunny exit to the yard workshop. The team is the same. Obi. the founding member. Szósz is with us from 1994, from Bécsi Street. We met Tibi at the first Kerékvár. In 1995.  

Some pictures of the shop. These were made in 2011, November.

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3rd Kerékvár 2005-2010

Harmadik Kerékvár Hattyú utca 2005-2010

Back to the Vár. At least to the neighbourhood. After a long search, we found a suitable business premise in Hattyú Street 2. The counter was a bit tight at the beginning, but it was bearable. We started the winter ski rental in 2008. Unfortunately, my friend, István left the shop. He went to Beijing by bike to the Olympics, and he didn't return to the shop. He found another occupation. It might have been the best shop of all, in terms of facilities. The neighbourhood was also great. Could it be better? YES. 

Corratec Kerékvár (2nd Kerékvár) 2002-2005

Corratec Kerékvár

In a significally larger, with an own brand, downtown. Bicycle centre, spinning room, showers, MTB competition team. The shop was nice, great opening event. Unfortunately, after 3 years, we had to realize that it was too big for the Hungarian market. We went back to a smaller shop. Some pictures of the opening event. 

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1st Kerékvár 1995-2002

elso kerekvar a budai varban

Even before the "heroic age" there were about four bicycle shops in Budapest, and in Hungary too, with a little exaggeration. One of these was Tamás László's shop in the Castle, in Hunyadi street 4. Tamás moved to the countryside, but wanted the shop to go on, so he collaborated with us and established the first Kerékvár. It worked until 2002, then we moved on again. 

Berta Bike 1992-1995

We started the business in 1992 with my friend, István Berta. It was the Berta Bike in Óbuda, in Bécsi street. The place was his "play-room". He has already moved off from home and he didn't need it. It was the "heroic age" of bicycle trade in Hungary. We started with Schwinn-Csepel, then the Boomers came. We also purchased the Finnish Helkama brand. At the time, we were able to offer them with those time's proper quality. We repaired Girardengo, Susy and other special bicycle brands. It was a constant development for three years. Then we moved on. Notedly, we moved in together. 

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