Repair of special bicycle pieces and brake levers

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Our bicycle service undertakes everything in bicycle reparation, every rationally solvable problem. Our specialty is in every Shimano (STI, roadside, Rapidfire) brake lever reparation. You can find very few of it in the country. Frame-forming (V-brake console, disc brake console) cracks won't be a problem. 

Bicycle service price list

Work denomination





Small general (setting every part, without disruption, bowden replacement if necessary)  4.000Ft - 6.000Ft /bicycle
Big general (taking apart into small pieces, technical cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, without disruption of the telescope)  12.000Ft /bicycle
Bicycle compilation, rebuilding 5.000Ft - 12.000Ft /bicycle
Monumental bicycle compilation, rebuilding (special tools and lubricant/fixing substances needed) 10.000Ft - 20.000Ft /bicycle
Telescopic reparation
Oil-aired telescopes
Roch Shox SID, REBA, RECON, PIKE, stb... to 140mm 8.000Ft - 15.000Ft /piece
Rock Shox Totem, Boxxer, Revelation, stb... from 140mm 8.000Ft - 15.000Ft /piece
Brake reparation
Hydraulic brake setting up, compilation, gassing
2.000Ft - 4.000Ft /brake
Bowden brake setting up, compilation 1.000Ft - 2.000Ft /brake
Brake lever or body change with compilation 1.000Ft /piece
Relay reparation
Frontal or back relay compilation, exchange 1.000Ft /relay
Repair of distorted relay, relay compilation 2.500Ft /relay
Tyre reparation
External, internal exchange 5.00Ft /wheel
External (without internal) compilation  (UST Tubeless)  7.00Ft /wheel
External (without internal) compilation with kit (Tubeless ready) 1.200Ft /wheel
Slime or other puncture-proof filling 5.00Ft /wheel
Frontal or back repair, greasing 1.000Ft /centre
Wheel tacking, balancing 3.000Ft /wheel
Used wheel balancing 8.00Ft - 2.000Ft /wheel
Industrial wheel balancing (Mavic Ksyrium, SLR, Deemax, DT Swiss, Sram, ...) 1.000Ft - 3.000Ft /wheel
Proplusin, steering-wheel
Bottom bracket changing, greasing, repair with winch disembodiment 2.500Ft /piece
Central body, winch changing 5.00Ft - 1.500Ft /piece
Chain, gear-wheel changing, cleaning with disembodiment and installation if requested 5.00Ft - 2.500Ft /bicycle
Head set changing, greasing, repair  2.000Ft - 2.500Ft /bicycle
Steering-wheel, stem changing 1.500Ft /bicycle
Fork or telescopic integration 2.500Ft /bicycle
Steering-wheel bandage  (with steering-wheel band) 1.500Ft /steering wheel
Compilation of fixtures
Mudguard equipment 1.000Ft - 1.500Ft /2 pieces
Child-seat equipment 1.500Ft /piece
Luggage rack equipment 5.00Ft /piece
Other reparation
Cleaning: (We can only repair clean bicycles) 1.000Ft /bicycle
Other bicycle reparation (not in the list), as required 4.000Ft /hour
Deadline: By appointment, the day after check-in 
Breakdown, small reparations  IMMEDIATELY!
Wheel, leather soccer, basketball blow-up  FREE!

Bicycle reparation for a reasonable price